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With more than 20 years of precipitation and development in cooling systems, we improve and refine ourselves and our business to accomplish our goals and solve problems. A heat exchanger is not an FMCG, it will keep serving you as long as your industry carries on.

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Construction of heat exchanger factory, located in Zhuji Zhejiang.


Set up power plant heat exchanger R&D department.


Set up compressor heat exchanger R&D department.


Expanded the factory, merged R&D department and set up separate technical department.

Price Attract You, Quality Keep You.

Drawing Design

The product is designed and manufactured precisely according to the data of cooling area, shell material, volume, pipe, installation method, pressure value, heat exchanger tube type, etc.

Full Inspection

Drawing ▏Material ▏Rolled fin ▏Stamping ▏Workpiece ▏Welding ▏Sealing ▏Painting ▏Packaging. Each of the above steps cannot be done without strict testing.

Contemporary male specialist of quality control department checking new machine

Gas Tightness Test

All tubular heat exchangers are subjected to shell and tube sealing tests. In addition to this, there are: case sealing and weld seam testing. This step is crucial.

What We Do

One Stop Cooling Solution for Your Industries

Our heat exchanger products cover most industries, such as compressor, semiconductor, medical, hydroelectric energy, wind power energy, mining machinery, Heat treatment, chemical industry, and hydraulic machinery.

No set-in-stone heat exchanger, only different requirements.

The environment, temperature, requirements, parameters, dimensions, flow rates, pressures, drawings, etc., determine what they end up looking like.

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